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Master of Fine Arts | Artist Reviews

Artists Reviewed by Sunil Ketty

Ben Yacavone | MFA Graduate 2016

Ron Horsley | MFA Graduate 2016

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Recent Work | Highlights

2019 Work

Manage Hockey for Covingtion website and Store

I created all designs and logos for CSHL merchandise (print and embroidery)
Design Concepts for Non-profit organization, Hockey for Covington & The Covington Street Hockey League.  Team Logos.   See Digital Art for more samples.
NOTE: Hockey for Covington site development.

2018 Work

College of Informatics Video Mural Wall
I was responsible for post-production, editing, VF's and some graphic creation. Collaboration with Nick Brummer & Tracy Songer + Her students for video work.

CSHL Team Branding Concepts | See Digital Art for more

Logo Design | Hockey for Covington

Nonprofit Organization

click to view CSHL Branding PDF

Brand Identity PDF

Promotional Content

CSHL Merchandise

2017 Work


POP | Ketty

Exploring Simplicity in design 

2016 Work

ARORA | Proof of Concept - MFA Design Thesis

Updated Logo | 3D + Render Passes

Critique Two | Spring Semester | 2016 - CCAD MFA

Sample Ad | Persona

New Branding | Logo
Render Passes

Model by Steve Olerman

Critique One | Spring Semester | 2016 - CCAD MFA

Screen graphic from Video Copilot

Design Research | Case Study Survey - 92 Individuals. 

2015 Works

Concept Sketch | MFA - Thesis Project

2014 - Older Works

Concept Graphic for Hat&Headphones
  • Tee Shirt Concept
Gahanna Jefferson Excellence Foundation
  • Digital Art concept for 10th Anniversary of the GJEF Fund Raiser

Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools Seal


14th Annual Ronald McDonald House Gala of Las Vegas
Art/Graphic Donation

I am extremely proud to be a sponsor at The Ronald McDonald House Charities fundraiser in Las Vegas.

I was approached to create graphics for an underwater paradise theme.  The graphics were used as decorations during the event. They used various sized columns to display the artwork. I created two separate scenes that combined many of the same elements.  The mermaid graphic was supplied, but needed to be composited into the second layout. 

The large scale pieces were sketched, scanned and colored, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Seeing the images of the donated artwork, at the event, is a major accomplishment.  More so, I am thrilled I could help kids and their families through art.

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